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Why so popular filler

Jul 05, 2016

Filler as the name suggests, an alternative to other materials fillers, filler to promote the rapid development of the plastics industry plays a significant role, especially plastics enterprises, entirely without the use of filler in the development process, largely to reduce the production cost, so why in the business development of filler about how popular? Due largely derived from several characteristics of the filler.

Feature, you can simplify the production process, production order is simple and efficient;

Features second, blend is very convenient and exceptionally uniform quality of the mixing, to improve production efficiency and product performance indicators and to reduce dust in the production process and will minimize the wear of the equipment;

Specifically three, reduce product change to clean the screw amount of material at the same time, can also extend the shelf-life time of raw material storage and performance to improve to the best products;

Features four, transparency of the filler itself has a very strong, added in plastic will not affect the transparency of plastic products;

Features five, because of their mechanical properties, plastic can tear strength and tensile strength of reinforced plastic products, if you participate in the PE pipe, you can upgrade pipes ring stiffness and impact strength.