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Why we need use the moisturer absorber masterbatch?

Aug 23, 2018

What’s the Mositure absorber masterbatch?

Moisture absorber masterbatch is designed specicifally for removing water foam from recycled PE/PP/PS/ABS/EVA during processing. Its great advantage is it can effectively absorb water moisture while processing, so that the recycled PE/PP/PS/ABS/EVA scraps and granule could be directly used to make plastic products without pre-drying and product quality proved to be very good.

The Advantages of using moisture absorber masterbatch:
1. Granule form PE carrier is grined to around 80mesh size powder so that they can mix well with the calcium oxide powder, so our masterbatch has a specially excellent dispersity, it will no block the screen.
2. Comparied with other similar moisture absorbent masterbatch in the market, the particle size of our calcium oxide is 1250mesh in standard(grinded by ourself, but others are 600mesh normally), then it has less effect on the physical performance of the plastic products(surface gloss, smoothness and tear strength of the films, bottle, pipe, sheet and etc. )
3. It saves a lot of labor cost and electricity cost for drying the materials and moreover,  the water is also be absorbed and finally kept in the plastic products, so the weight of the recycled material won't loose during predrying.

Holy Moisture absorber masterbatch have two different ways of packaging to satisfy the  ocean shipping and customers' different requirements. 

One way is the 5kg/vacumme bags and then 5bags in one carton.

Another way is the 5kg per soft double layer bags and then 5bags in one kraft bags. 

packaging for desiccant masterbatch.jpg