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Filler Masterbatch Of Various Industries

Jun 09, 2017

Filler Masterbatch of various industries
1, in the application of polyethylene blown film:
The tensile strength of the composites was increased with the addition of 10%, and the tensile strength of the composites was increased with the addition of 10% when the supernatant (1250 mesh, 2500 mesh) filler was filled with injection molding grade high density polyethylene composites. Value, add 30% can still maintain the original strength, the impact strength increased slightly. For polyethylene blown film, filled with ultrafine talc powder filler masterbatch better than other fillers, easy to shape, the process is good. Moreover, the film can reduce the oxygen permeability of 80%, especially suitable for packaging oil-containing foods such as peanuts, beans, etc., long-term to keep the oil, no deterioration: the film can reduce the water vapor transmission rate of 70% , Has a good moisture resistance, it is suitable for underground soil moisture-proof cloth, but also for packaging such as ham, sausage, cheese and other food.
2, in the application of ABS resin:
Ultrafine talcum powder Masterbatch, made by special methods, added to the plastic has a good dispersion, uniformity. ABS resin is amorphous polymer, with polystyrene as excellent molding processability; it has good impact strength, low temperature performance, good tensile strength and good creep resistance, to withstand 7Mpa load and size can not afford to change , And therefore use it to inject a variety of instruments, televisions, tape recorders, mobile phones and other shells, of course, in other areas such as: textile equipment, electrical parts, automotive parts, aircraft parts and other applications are also very wide. However, people do not meet the existing ABS performance, the ABS modification of the extensive research carried out the relevant information is not too small. Such as ABS and PVC blended manufacturing of automotive panels plastic film, ABS and PVC blended manufacturing imitation leather luggage mask, not only high strength, toughness and can maintain the durability of the surface pattern. This blend of ultrafine calcium carbonate or ultrafine talcum powder can be used to significantly improve the notched impact strength and tear strength of the blend, such as adding 5 to 15% of the superfine fine calcium carbonate, Impact strength can be increased by 2 to 4 times. Since ABS is an amorphous polymer with the ability to accommodate more fillers. The addition of ultrafine talcum powder masterbatch can significantly improve the performance of ABS and reduce the cost.
3, the application of polystyrene resin:
Unmodified universal grade polystyrene is an amorphous polymer that is hard and brittle, but it has good electrical properties, resistance to aging properties and high dimensional stability, the disadvantage is high brittleness, sensitive to environmental stress cracking. The addition of ultrafine talcum powder filler masterbatch can improve the impact toughness, adjust the rheology, the distortion modulus significantly increased, the tensile yield strength also increased. For example: add 40% ultrafine talc powder filler masterbatch, distortion modulus increased from 23800kg / cm 58800kg / cm, anti-tension increased from 336kg / cm to 385kg / cm.
4, in the application of polypropylene
Polypropylene (PP) is a product of addition polymerization of propylene as a monomer under the action of a catalyst because of its excellent mechanical properties, non-toxic, heat resistant, chemical resistance and ease of processing properties, and the source of raw materials is abundant and inexpensive , It is widely used in many fields, as the five general synthetic resin growth in fast varieties, but PP is part of the crystalline resin, in the usual processing conditions, the crystallization rate is relatively slow, easy to form a larger spherulites, so that Light is difficult to pass through the entire product, therefore, the product of the transparency and gloss is poor, the appearance of the lack of beauty, making its packaging, medical equipment, household goods and other areas of application is limited. And after enhanced by the modified PP, while maintaining its original excellent performance, but also with other typical transparent materials such as PC, PS, PET and other comparable to the excellent transparency and gloss. In particular, PP has a high heat distortion temperature, in terms of transparency requirements are high, need to use or disinfection of high temperature equipment, such as transparent beverage cups, microwave stoves, baby bottles, medical syringes, etc., transparent PP has a ratio Other transparent materials broader market prospects, at home and abroad have been rapid development.