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60% Rutile TiO2 Masterbatch

Sep 21, 2016

Product Detail

Product Description:
White Masterbatch: Rutile TiO2 masterbatch, Anatase TiO2 masterbatch.
1) Anatase TiO2 white masterbatch
2) Rutile TiO2 white masterbatch
60% rutile tio2, can be used in blow film, coating film and bottle

60% Rutile TiO2 Masterbatch use excellent rutile TiO2, don't contain any CaCO3 filler, it is compound with the base resin and a little disperser, produced by advanced extrude machine.It don't contain any nocuous producing agent like as fluorescent whitener. It has good dispersion property and good opacity in base resin. It can be add easily in various polyolefin products which has opacity demand. Its advantage on the high concentration Tio2, good dispersion property, good opacity and smaller additive ratio.

60% Rutile TiO2 Masterbatch can be used to make various plastic film. Customer can adjust its additive ratio from 5%~10%, don't need to change old technology and old produce line, only need to adjust produce temperature.

Product Property:
1) Smaller additive ratio will improve film's opacity obviously, for long time storage, the film will not change color.
2) Green
It don't have any nocuous producing agent like as fluorescent whitener.
3) Better fluidity and better process property, customer don't need to change equipment and processing technique.
Physical Properties:    
Index Value Unit
Appearance white cylinders particle  - - - - 
Density1.7~1.9 g/cm
Volatile content(90c, 3hrs) <0.15 
Particle count 400~500 pieces / 10g 
TiO2 content 60 Gaia standard