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800-3500 Mesh CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch for Plastic

Sep 20, 2016

 Product Description:

    Calcium carbonate filler masterbatch is a composite additive material made by calcium carbonate particle and PP/PE mixture. It has great compatibility with resin, TiO2 and other materials in plastic manufacturing, therefore it is massively added to PP, PE, ABS, PS, PA and other plastic applications. It brings below benifits to plastics:
1. Saving cost.
2. Increasing whiteness and brightness (gloss) to plastic products.
3. Due to its great compatability and dispersity, it enhances the material flow in plastic manufacturing and therfore makes the processing easier.
Carrier: PP or PE
Appearance:white pellet
Mesh: 400-3500 mesh
Caco3 purity:80~98%
PE/PP purity:2~20%
We are able to customize granule size, composition and content of CaCO3, PP/PE and Paraffin, to meet your demands in different applications.