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Anti-Rust Vci Resin Masterbatch for Film Blowing

Oct 25, 2016

Anti-Rust Vci Resin Masterbatch for Film Blowing

Basic Info:

a. Efficacy: Anti-Rust

b. Classification: Chemical Additives

c. Type: Anti-Corrosion Rust Inhibitor

d. Appearance: Granule

e. Color: White

Product Description:
VCI Masterbatch, a base material used for producing VCI plastic film. It is a Nitrite free anti corrosion masterbatch designed for both ferrous and most of the non ferrous metals. It can be blended with PP, LDPE, HDPE resin and then added to the film resin on the blowing and extruded to provide a new class of film product.


High Quality VCI Anti-rust Master Batch


Functional masterbatch

Anti-rust period

2 years


Regular ivory or off-white other color, u can add color masterbatch when production



 Heat resistance

200 degree centigrade

 Metal protected

Ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal


Anti-rust additive for film blowing

 Features and Advantages:
1.The VCI plastic film with excellent performance can be produced with a small amount of such resin added to the formulation, the ratio is 2%.
2.The masterbatch is easy to operate and is extensively applicable to equipment and materials in selection.

Applicable Metals:
It is applicable to both ferrous metal such as alloy steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous metal such copper, brass, bronze, plated metal, zinc and its alloy, chrome and its alloy, cadmium and its alloy, nickel and its alloy, tin and its alloy, aluminum and its alloy, and other metal materials and their products.
Application Method:
 1.  Weigh and take the master batch and new PE granules according to the established formulation proportion, then mix them evenly and feed them for film blowing production.
 2. The fusion range and mould head area temperature of blow moulding machine should be set according requirement, otherwise quality of VCI film will be affected.
 3. It's better to pay attention moisture and rain and fog weather when blowing film. Seal it again immediately after using.

Custody and Storage:
It should be sealed and kept in a cool, dry place, away from sunshine and no contact with sources of ignition and corrosive materials. The anti-rust period is 2 years or above.