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Antistatic Masterbatches

Sep 23, 2016

Product Detail

Basic Info:
  • Classification:Chemical Additives

  • Appearance:Granule

  • Color:White

Product Description:

Antistatic masterbatches are produced by blending with different inner antistatic agents, the synergistic and complementation effects realize the long term and stable antistatic performance.
Easy to use by blending pro rata with polymeric resins.


Long-term antistatic effects.
Excellent light stability and heat resistance properties.
Neither influences the molding nor degrades the physicochemical properties of products.
Good chemical resistance properties and non-toxic.
No change to the original color of products.
Antistatic properties can be adjusted by the added proportion.

It can be used in nonwovens, carpet fibers, plastic tarpaulins, plastic films, and plastic molding products.