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Black Master Quality Factors

Jul 05, 2016

Black masterbatch quality depends on the following factors:
The dispersion
Covering power
Color intensity
High dispersion
Black masterbatches are produced using the carbon black. Carbon black is a mixture of very difficult and dirty, it is covered with dust, light, and fluffy. Unless large-scale measures, otherwise it might get dirty machines and workers, the work environment has become dirty. Because of this, casters are a popular choice in a resin carrier, namely black masterbatch, finished carbon black dispersion. The carrier resin is clean, free flowing and easy to use. In addition, beyond dirty carbon black, there is a characteristic that is difficult to dispersion. If mold directly to melt black color effect will be very poor. No dispersion of carbon black stripes and spots next to the local area by coloring less clearly defined. Standard injection molding machines is not an effective dispersion of carbon black.