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Black Masterbatch Caused By Injection Molding Production Of Common Phenomena And Treatment

Sep 28, 2017

Masterbatch caused by injection production of the common phenomenon:
A, uneven color causes: high temperature cylinder, long molding cycle and resin compatibility is not good.
Treatment: reduce the temperature of the cylinder, the use of good compatibility of the carrier.
B, bad gloss causes: the nozzle outside the low temperature, long molding cycle, masterbatch in the titanium dioxide and more, masterbatch pigment dispersion is poor.
Treatment: increase the nozzle temperature, shorten the molding cycle. Reduce the titanium dioxide in the masterbatch and improve the dispersibility of the pigment in the masterbatch.
As the pigment in the storage and use of direct contact with the air, so there will be moisture absorption, oxidation, agglomeration and other phenomena, the direct use of plastic products in the surface of the color point, hue dark, easy to fade color, and caused by mixing Dusty, affecting the health of the operator. The Black Masterbatch in the production process through the mechanical processing, the pigment was refined, the pigment and resin carrier, dispersant fully mixed, so that the pigment and air, water isolation, thereby enhancing the pigment weather resistance, improve The pigment dispersion and color strength, hue bright. Since the Black Masterbatch is similar in shape to the resin particles, it is more convenient to measure and does not adhere to the container when it is mixed, thus saving the time to clean the container and the machine and the raw materials used in the cleaning machine.
Due to the different extrusion process of various resins, the choice of color, the need to consider its heat resistance. Due to the relatively small diameter of single filaments, the strength requirements are relatively high. But also in the nets and rope applications are required Black Masterbatch weather resistance has a higher demand. To this end, the Black Masterbatch on the various types of silk mechanical properties and weather resistance, to pay close attention.
Black Masterbatch coloring - the preparation of high concentrations of colored pigments Black Masterbatch, and then the need for coloring and the need to color the color of plastic particles mixed evenly, directly made of plastic parts.
(1) good dispersion of Black Masterbatch is a coloring agent and a specific agent through a special processing and preparation of the complex. In the process of preparing the Black Masterbatch, the colorant has been well pre-dispersed, can avoid the presence of coarse particles of colorants, thus eliminating the color of plastic products in the emergence of color points; while the Black Masterbatch and plastic particles between Easy to stir evenly, the use of Black Masterbatch coloring, the uniformity of the color of plastic products is also better.
(2) easy to use Because of the Black Masterbatch and plastic particles between the mixing performance, you can use the commonly used ordinary mixing equipment, and even artificial mixing method to make it evenly mixed, the application is very convenient.
(3) to help reduce the color of plastic products in Black Masterbatch, in addition to the color agent also contains the carrier and other additives, so the unit of plastic added in the amount of Black Masterbatch than the amount of ordinary colorants to more, So the measurement relative error is small, help to reduce the color when the color.
(4) the working conditions better use of Black Masterbatch coloring, coloring agent and the carrier and so on in the combination of additives and made of granular, in the measurement and mixing processing, will not fly so that it will not pollute the environment, compared to dry coloring , Greatly improving the working conditions.
(5) exchange color is very convenient to use Black Masterbatch coloring, will not pollute the mixing equipment, in the exchange of color, you can save the work of cleaning and mixing equipment, compared to dry coloring and paste coloring, The advantages of labor.