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Black Polyolefin Masterbatches

Jan 05, 2018

Black polyolefin masterbatches

Black masterbatches of film grades contain PE and up to 45% of high quality carbon black. They are recommended for colouring thin and multilayer PE-films. These PE-films have high opacity and good mechanical properties. It contains high quality carbon black and is the most economic. It will provides the maximum quality and organoleptic properties. Black film masterbatches contain up to 45% carbon black. These masterbatches are used for colouring polyolefin films and also extrusion, injection molding and blow molding goods from polyolefins. 

Special economy grades, containing 5-40% hight quality carbon black and calcium carbonate powder, are available for colouring garbage bag, injection molding etc. The recommended dosage is 2-8%. 

NameBlack polyolefin masterbatches
Appearance2.5mm*3.0mm*3.0mm black granule
Carbon Black5~45%
Melting Point120°C-180°C
MoistureContent: < 0.15%
Dosage2% - 8%