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CaCO3 Nano Polyolefin Filler Masterbatch

Sep 27, 2016

Product Detail

Product Introduction
The filler masterbatch is using high-quality Nano powder and other special ingredients as raw materials and processed by twin-screw extruder. It can significantly improve production efficiency, product whiteness and other physical and chemical index thus improve end-product quality.

Product Features
1.With wide application, equipment and processing adaptability, no need to change processing procedure of replace equipment.
1.Of good dispersion, high whiteness, strong tension and nice glossiness.
2.Improving the opening of finished product without dust separating out, making end-product smoothly touched.
3.Have no impact on printing, heat sealing or compound.
4.Non-toxic and non-irritating, uniform particle size, no influence on mechanical properties. Better than ordinary additives.

Applied in PE/PP products
1) Blown film: plastic bags, courier bags, agricultural film
2) Injection molding: hanger, kit
3) Wiredrawing: woven bags, strap, sunshade net
4) Blow molding: dustbin
5) Extrusion: strap