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Color Difference

Jul 05, 2016

Special color: is the variety of plastics for products specified by the user, use the same plastic as masterbatch carrier was producing. PP masterbatch use PP, ABS, ABS masterbatch respectively as a carrier.
General masterbatch: with some sort of resin (often of low melting point PE) as a carrier, but it can apply to other than the carrier resin resin coloring.
1. the effect of poor foresight
Color is used for coloring, General masterbatch pigment in different plastics are a different color, thus the predictability of the effect is poor.
2. impact performance of other plastic products
Particular strength, products are easily deformed, twisted, plastic is more obvious.
3. high cost
General master in order to be able to ' universal ', tend to use higher heat levels of pigment, resulting in waste.