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Color Master Batch

Oct 07, 2016

Product Detail

Product Description
We produce masterbatches, color masterbatch and various functional master batches, such as white masterbatch, black masterbatch etc.

Pink masterbatch
Special for plastic bag, injection molding products etc. Good dispersibility, high stainability, uniform color distribution, good surface luster, does not affect inherent property of the products

Main component:

PE(or PS/PP) carrier, pink color powder,

Dispersing agent, staining agent.


PE, PP, PS foam, slice(board), film, blowing molding, injection molding products etc.

Main technical index:
Appearance Pink grain Remark
Density(g/cm) 2.0~2.5
Moisture <0.5%


Add it to the plastic materials at the ratio 2-4% according to the requirement and mix it fully till it is equal.
Packed by compound paper bag with inner lining film.25kg/bag.Store it in the dry place with good ventilation.Avoid sunshine insolation and stress.