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Color Masterbatch Manufacturer

Dec 16, 2016

Color Masterbatch Manufacturer

Basic Info:
  • Model NO.: Color Masterbatch Manufacturer

  • Material: Polyethylene/PE

  • Usage: General Plastics, Engineering Plastics, Specialty Plastics

  • Color: Customized

  • Kinds: PP,PE,ABS,EVA,Ect

Product Description:

Color Masterbatch is a high proportion of paint or additives and thermoplastic Resin, by the good dispersion Plastic colorants, it chooses the resin of colorants have good wetting and dispersing effect, and has good compatibility with being shaded material. That is:
Pigment+ carrier= additives used masterbatch

Masterbatch coloring the advantage of thermoplastic plastics coloring methods are: Pigment mixing granulation tooth-colored resin and colorant mixture into colored plastic, used for molding process. The powder color mixed powdered colorant and tooth-colored resin evenly after directly used in the manufacture of plastic products. Masterbatch coloring today the most widely used plastics coloring method.

An advantage of using the Color Masterbatch:
1. Is the paint has better dispersion in the products
2. To keep the paint chemical stability
3. Ensure the stability of the product color
4. Protect the health of operator
5. Keep the environment clean
6. Easy to use

Pigment of heat-resisting performance?
Dedicated masterbatch heat level is generally adapted and used for products of plastic, under normal temperature, can be at ease use. Only in the following situations will cause varying degrees of color, One is the temperature is beyond the normal range, One is the down time is too long.

What is the difference between granulation coloring and masterbatch coloring?

Color masterbatch shading compared with granulation coloring has the following advantages:

1. A complete coloring and products processing, avoid the heating process of plastic granulation shaded, is good for protecting the quality of plastic products.
2...To make plastic products the most simplified production process.
3. Can save a lot of energy coloring mother coloring products will not fade?
There is absolutely no colorfast products, the use of pigment color of products is also is still likely to fade, just at different levels according to different grades of products, some more obvious, others are difficult to detect.