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Effect Of Composition Of BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch On Items

Aug 24, 2017

Effect of Composition of BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch on Items
BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch is the main component of calcium carbonate, additives and carriers (the carrier refers to your BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch used in which plastic, such as used in HDPE, LDPE or some conventional PP, the carrier is PE or PP, such as used in PA, the carrier for the PA, used in polyester, the carrier is polyester). Which for the cost and performance considerations, BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch calcium carbonate content is generally between 60 to 80%. The higher the content of calcium carbonate, the lower the price, the lower the strength of the product, wear, compression and other physical properties of the more powerful impact.
For a common PE class plastic food bag, the ratio of 1: 1 will not have any effect (some low-grade food bags to add even more than 65%), unless your BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch is substandard products.
In the plastic products industry, some of the commonly used methods of enhancing the use of plastics are to add BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch, which is a large amount of demand, creating a wide range of BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch now. Not only in the plastics industry, more industries are beginning to use this product. But many companies found that BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch in the production process will often appear too long or too shallow color phenomenon, many companies do not know what part of the problem, for this situation, the following together to understand the next bar.
One reason: the color has not been carefully painted color, too little or too much paint caused;
Reason two: BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch in the process of using the measurement is not accurate, some small domestic enterprises, especially some of the processing of the workshop enterprises, this measurement is not accurate phenomenon often exist;
Reason three: BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch and resin match there is a big problem, which may be BaSO4 filler master carrier improper selection, it may be manufacturers to change the resin varieties;
Cause four: the machine temperature is not correct, especially high, BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch in the machine to stay too long, causing the toner burned.
Basically the color difference of the four main reasons, so enterprises in the BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch processing process also appears color problems, from these four aspects to consider changing some processing mode, basically can be resolved.
In our development and production, now people pay more attention to the improvement of quality, in such production, in order to be able to make our life to increase the better development, now is a better progress, for the BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch market development, BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch production applications in what kind of characteristics?
For the recovery of polystyrene is widely used in synthetic leather manufacturing process, even if the carrier resin and matrix resin compatibility is not good enough, but the carrier resin on the performance of plastic products than the impact of filler is small, can bring considerable economic benefits. When BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch is made with other resin as carrier, it is possible to improve the processing flowability of BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch and the dispersibility in the matrix resin, often adding a small amount of recycled polystyrene.
BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch can be used for processing plastic film, garbage bags, shopping bags, vest bags, bags, etc., good dispersion, blown film without white spots and black spots, high fineness, protection products gloss and toughness. Mainly applicable to the preparation of bags, packing belt, hollow products, pipe, sheet, injection products and plastic fast food box filling modification, can improve the performance of plastic products, reduce product costs.
BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch production development will also make the progress of science and technology in a better direction for the future progress is also beneficial.
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