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Factors Affecting The Value Of Filler Masterbatch

Sep 14, 2017

Factors Affecting the Value of Filler Masterbatch
Now the Filler Masterbatch is composed of resin (normal metabolism and secretion of plants) and various additives. The Filler Masterbatch has the following characteristics:
1. Increased the rigidity and weight of the Filler Masterbatch, the performance of the Filler Masterbatch is more superior;
2. The shrinkage of the Filler Masterbatch is greatly reduced, which is due to the phenomenon of deformation when the filling of the masterbatch is contracted;
3. The compatibility of the Filler Masterbatch also increased, the compatibility is very good;
4. Fill the masterbatch more than the previous white, which is mainly to facilitate it in the configuration with other colors when the configuration can maintain the original color.
The performance and cost of the Filler Masterbatch depends primarily on the carrier resin, which is typically from 10% to 20%, depending on the purpose of the filling of the masterbatch. Filler Masterbatch The carrier resin used should have good compatibility with the filled plastic matrix resin.
From this point of view, the general carrier resin is best to use matrix resin. In addition, the choice of filling the masterbatch carrier, but also consider its melting point and melt flow, carrier resin melting point should not be higher than the base resin. At present, some companies still use LDPE (1F7B) as a carrier resin, mainly because of this grade of resin melting point is low, high melt flow rate (7g / 10min). However, due to the high melting temperature of polypropylene (20 ~ 40 ℃ higher than the average polyethylene) it is used in polyethylene plastic, and random polypropylene or liquid phase bulk synthesis of powdered polypropylene melting point does not exceed 100 C, it is widely used as a carrier for Filler Masterbatch.
Filled with the specific functions of the masterbatch and the use of good characteristics of the interpretation of this product, many people are also directed at filling this masterbatch to use this feature, so the specific features or to understand what.
Filled with masterbatch in the manufacture of products can be a good plastic products have better performance, including some of the features can be very good for the product to provide better sales. Of course, the scope and characteristics of functional masterbatch is also need to know about it.
Filled with masterbatch ordinary Filler Masterbatch compared to the biggest feature is added to the PP, PE, its transparency is small, can be widely used in film, sheet, pipe, container and other fields. As used in PE films, the proper addition can improve the transparency of HDPE films and have little effect on the transparency of LDPE films. While having good surface finish and balanced mechanical properties. These are the existing ordinary Filler Masterbatch can not match. It can be predicted that the appearance of this Filler Masterbatch will have a greater impact on the application of plastic fill and its downstream applications.
(1) transparency is good, add 30 copies of light transmission rate is still more than 90%
(2) the loss of mechanical properties is very small, basically able to maintain the main mechanical properties of raw materials
(3) no need to change the original equipment, process conditions
(4) can reduce the product cost 5-10% or more (specific to be based on the amount of added)
The masterbatch and plastic raw materials directly mixed evenly, you can process production. Generally recommended to add the amount of 5% to 30%, can also be selected according to the specific requirements of the appropriate proportion of added.
Storage conditions:
In clean and ventilated, dry, cool, clean place to save. Do not allow the mother grain packaging damage and open storage, to avoid sun exposure, rain.
The above is about the use of Filler Masterbatch on the use of the introduction, I believe you can better understand the Filler Masterbatch.