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Filler Masterbatch Additives For Further Details

Jul 05, 2016

Polyolefin filler additives are mainly used by dispersing agents and surface treating agent. Masterbatch dispersant effect is to improve flow and material more evenly dispersed in the resin. Dispersants are commonly used: white oil (liquid paraffin), paraffin, di-n-Octyl phthalate (BOP), low molecular weight polyethylene (PE-wax) and stearic acid. Main properties of commonly used dispersants, can choose according to packing and carrier performance characteristics are used. Surface treatment agent can change inorganic fillers surfactants, made by hydrophilic into lipophilic to facilitate and resin are mixed, there are two types of coupling agent and stearic acid, in order to better dispersion, more light can add EBS, flow modifiers, and so on.