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Filler Masterbatch In The Choice Of Time There Will Be Some Need To Pay Attention To The Problem

Aug 04, 2017

Filler Masterbatch in the choice of time there will be some need to pay attention to the problem
Filler Masterbatch in the choice of time there will be some need to pay attention to the problem, these problems, usually we will ignore the problem, for these problems, Filler Masterbatch manufacturers for the sake of everyone, to give you some knowledge, I hope we can draw to This knowledge.
Filler Masterbatch is also commonly used as a functional dyeing with the masterbatch, the same choice and other masterbatch is not the same, specifically reflected in what place? Here to give you a detailed description of these issues.
Different Filler Masterbatch, the choice of paint, the performance is different, the following were introduced under the filler material how to choose pigments:
Heat-resistant masterbatch The choice of pigments, the most basic requirements of the polypropylene fiber production process can withstand the temperature, to maintain its stability. Temperature temperature is generally required for the 270 ~ 280 ℃ above.
Dispersible color masterbatch pigment should be excellent in dispersibility, and in the masterbatch to be dispersed evenly, and the use of dispersants will not reduce the quality of polypropylene fiber or else can not produce good quality liquid stained liquid, the operation is not stable , It is easy to break or produce abnormal fibers when drawing fibers.
Brightness Polypropylene liquid coloring has a variety of uses, Filler Masterbatch which are used for bedspreads and knitted fabrics, require bright colors. Because organic pigments are bright and bright, and easy to color, so that the use of organic pigments for the use of the above.
Light resistance In the light of the role of some pigments have photosensitive effect, so that coloring fiber fade and fragile, and the light resistance of the pigment is basically related to its chemical structure, so in the production of masterbatch should pay full attention to the light resistance, Of the pigment need to be used, you can consider adding UV absorbers.
The pigment used in the stable masterbatch has excellent stability to the colored polypropylene fiber, meaning that the pigmented fiber polymer does not react with the fiber after prolonged exposure to heat, light or high temperature to form a new chemical The performance of the polymer is low.
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Filler Masterbatch in the application of plastic, in order to reduce the cost of plastic raw materials, saving synthetic resin, for the enterprise to bring economic benefits, by the plastic processing industry of all ages. Masterbatch is composed of carrier resin, filler and various additives. The limit of the masterbatch or filler content than the actual requirements of plastic products to several times to several times.
Filler Masterbatch containing fillers and additives concentration, the use of a certain amount of matrix resin must be added after mixing and processing, the filler mainly from the filling effect. Fillers and additives can give plastic products special features, such as: light, electricity, flame retardant, degradation, etc., known as functional Filler Masterbatch. Functional masterbatches typically include masterbatches, photo-converted masterbatches, high-efficiency insulating film masterbatches, antifogging masterbatches and degradation masterbatches.
Filling the masterbatch in the plastics processing industry more widely used, the areas involved are also expanding. In the plastics industry, filling the emergence of masterbatch, not only to increase the characteristics of plastic, but also has to improve the physical properties of plastic products, improve processing efficiency and other characteristics.