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Filler Masterbatch Industry In China's Development Trend

Aug 14, 2017

Filler Masterbatch industry in China's development trend
   China Filler Masterbatch varieties than the whole, general-purpose products have been fully able to meet the needs of the domestic plastics processing industry. Domestic Filler Masterbatch species distribution, according to the color of the Filler Masterbatch varieties of analysis, black and white masterbatch almost accounted for 80% of the total capacity of Filler Masterbatch, color Filler Masterbatch only 20%, there is still a large part of the need to rely on imports.
    In Filler Masterbatch production, fiber Filler Masterbatch on technology and raw materials require a higher, and Filler Masterbatch production technology is also due to the color of polypropylene fiber. Domestic fiber Filler Masterbatch with an annual output of 2.6 tons, accounting for Filler Masterbatch total capacity of 10%. It can be seen, Filler Masterbatch this solution to the problem of polypropylene coloring invention of the technology in the field of plastic coloring has been more widely used.
    PET and PP fiber in China has developed rapidly, and PA fiber market share is less, PET, PP, PA fiber Filler Masterbatch production distribution ratio is currently 68.2%, 30.2% and 1.6%. With the multinational company PA project settled in China, China PAFiller Masterbatch R & D and production must also catch up.
    With the rapid development of China's engineering plastics in recent years, PA, PC, fluorine plastic and other engineering plastics and special engineering plastics on Filler Masterbatch put forward higher requirements. Beijing University of Chemical Technology School of Materials Science and Engineering recently developed a successful polyfluoro ethylene propylene Filler Masterbatch, to fill the gaps in the development process of a good solution to the raw material selection, formulation and production process adjustment problems, the successful preparation of white and yellow Filler Masterbatch, used in wire and cable, electrical and mechanical properties of the full compliance with the requirements. The successful development of this project has laid a good theoretical and practical basis for the development of high-grade Filler Masterbatch for engineering plastics in China.
    Raw materials become diversified
    The quality of Filler Masterbatch depends to a large extent on the supply of raw materials such as pigments and dispersants. China's plastic pigments after years of development has also made great progress, domestic such as Jiehong, Lily, Yabang and some titanium dioxide and carbon black production of high quality pigments, to meet the requirements of Filler Masterbatch. Foreign paint manufacturers DuPont, Clariant, Ciba, BASF, etc. have set up factories in China, for the domestic production of Filler Masterbatch provide high-grade paint. Domestic pigments and foreign mid-range pigment level, but compared with high-grade pigments, product purity, especially in the pigment surface treatment there is a certain gap.
    Dispersant is Filler Masterbatch for the pigment to provide infiltration, dispersion, stabilizing the role of additives, China Filler Masterbatch market dispersant mainly polyethylene wax, a polymerization type, cracking type, by-product type. Aggregate technology to produce low molecular weight polyethylene, represented by Honeywell as a number of foreign companies mainly supply polymer products. Beijing University of Chemical Technology is a typical representative of the cracking technology, Daqing, Yangtze, Yanshan and other petrochemical enterprises mainly by the by-product refined low molecular weight polyethylene. These three types of low molecular weight polyethylene each occupy a certain market. Multinational companies in China Filler Masterbatch enterprises and domestic Filler Masterbatch core companies use more polymer wax or imported wax, and low-end Filler Masterbatch products generally use more low-grade by-product wax, the wax mainly in the price occupies a great advantage , The domestic Jiangyin area with Xu small polyethylene wax production plant. In addition, in recent years, China has also imported from South Korea, Thailand, the same type of wax products, the annual import volume of more than 3,000 tons. The pyrolysis wax is of good quality and occupies a very important position in the dispersant with Filler Masterbatch, but because the price is slightly lower than the polymerized wax, it is much higher than the by-product wax and is subject to a certain impact in the market. Domestic Filler Masterbatch market popular compound wax also has a certain market, such as in the polyethylene wax mixed with liquid paraffin or add other cheap additives. This wax because of a certain price advantage, but also occupy a certain market.