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Filler Masterbatch Nano Transparent for HDPE Film

Dec 08, 2016

Filler Masterbatch Nano Transparent for HDPE Film

Basic Info:

Transparent filler masterbatch Description:

-Reduced overall material cost.
-Improve product surface gloss and good compatibility with PP/PE.
-Keep excellent product transparency and good mechanical properties.
-Improve products opening property.

Transparent filler masterbatch Features:
1. No change for the related processing technology and equipment
2. Featured with excellent transparency and increased opening performance
3. Saving cost and preventing nonsizing of injection products
4. Certified by SGS

1. Dosage: 10%~30%;
2. Simply mix with plastic raw materials.

Packing & Store
1. The external packing uses the complex packaging bag, and the internal packing uses plastic packaging bag;
2. Net weight of per bag: 25 kg;
3. The product should be stored in clean, ventilated, dry and cool place;
4. Recommended storage life: Up to 1 year provided it is stored as directed.