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Filler Transparent Masterbatch

Feb 08, 2017
  • Model NO.: Filler Transparent Masterbatch

  • Material:Polyethylene/PE

  • Usage:General Plastics

  • Plastic Properties After Heated:Thermoplastic Plastics

  • Plastic Forming Method:Extrusion

  • Color:White

  • Form:Granule

  • Carrier:PE / PP

  • Material Used:Virgin

  • Mfr/Mfi:3-15(G10min)

  • Density:1.75g/cm3

Filler Transparent Masterbatch Application:
a. Fiber (Carpet, Textiles, Upholstery, etc. )
b. Film (Shopping bags, casting film, multilayer film, etc. )
c. Blow Molding (Medical & Cosmetic container, Lubricant & Paint container, etc)
d. Extrusion Molding (Sheet, Pipe, Wire & Cable, etc. )
e. Injection Molding (Automotive, Electronic, Construction, House wares, Furniture, Toys, etc. )

Filler Transparent Masterbatch Advantages:
a. High concentration pigment with bright colors.
b. More uniform and thinner pigment particle.
c. Much better dispersity
d. Much better compatibility of masterbatches with the raw material than normal masterbatch
e. High quality brings customers low wastage and cost

Technical Specification:
Of nano material effectively, meanwhile it has good performance in processing, thoughening and intensifying, also, the general capability of polyolefin material could be improved. Additionally, according to the different application of the material the product can possess some special modified function that realize the fictionalization of nano masterbatch.

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