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Good Dispersion PE Injection Masterbatch

Nov 24, 2016

Good Dispersion PE Injection Masterbatch

Basic Info:

  • Model NO.: Good Dispersion PE Injection Masterbatch

  • Usage: General Plastics, Engineering Plastics

  • Plastic Forming Method: Injection

  • Carrier: PE

  • Compatibility: PE/PP/PS/HIPS/ABS

  • Density(g/cm3): 1.55

  • Water Content: Less Than 0.15%

  • Melting Temperature: 130

  • Material: Polyethylene/PE

  • Plastic Properties After Heated: Thermoplastic Plastics

  • Application: Blow Film/Injection/Extrusion Sheet/Plate/Tube/Pip

  • Mfi G/10min 2.16kg Fama: 4-10

  • Processing Molding Temperature: 130-250

Product Description:

Product Type: Masterbatch

Product Name: Good Dispersion PE Injection Masterbatch

The use of proportion: 2% -6% (depending on product requirements).

Main features: High coloring power, good dispersion, high brightness.

Color masterbatch including:
1) Black Masterbatch;
2) White Masterbatch;
3) Color Masterbatch;
4) Filler Masterbatch:
5) Desiccant Masterbatch,

Color masterbatch advantage:
1. High concentration of pigment
2. Good dispersion without any spot
3. Compatible with various material PE/HDPE/LDPE/PP/ABS/AS/PS/HIPS/PVC/EVA/TPR/UPVC
4. Wide application: Blowing film, injection and extrusion in different products
5. Rich masterbatch products from economy medium to premium grade
6. Carrier: PE/PP/AS/EVA