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High Concentration Color Masterbatch HDPE Purple Masterbatch

Dec 21, 2016

High Concentration Color Masterbatch HDPE Purple Masterbatch

Basic Info:

a. Model NO.: Color Masterbatch

b. Carrier PE
c. Color content 20%-45%
d. Density (g/cm) 1.55
e. Compatibility PE/PP/PS/ABS

f. Moisture less than 0.2%

h. Processing molding point 130°C-280°C

i. Melting Point 120°C

Color Masterbatch Characteristics:
1. High coloring and showy appearance
2. Good brightness and High concentration
3. Good dispersibility and Strong heat resistance
4. Environmental friendly and pass SGS test.
5. Better hiding power and flowability
6. No fade in colour till up to 280C

Color Masterbatch Application:

1. Fabrics (Carpet, Textiles, Upholstery, Non woven fabrics,etc.)

2. Blown Films (Shopping bags, casting film, multilayer film, Raffia,etc.)
3. Blow Molding (Medical & Cosmetic container, Lubricant & Paint container, etc)
4. Extrusion Molding (Sheet, Pipe, Wire & Cable, etc.)
5. Injection Molding (Automotive, Electronic, Construction, House wares, Furniture, Toys, etc.)

Why choose Us:

1)Free sample for test.

2)Have team special in plastic product,keep doing research.
3)Years experience in masterbatch manufacturing--Stable,Quality and Responsible

Welcome to customed:
We will wholeheartedly welcome customers all over the world. Special color can be custom to suitable for different applications. We use international quality pigments with superior functions such as high thermal stability, color consistency in every lot and excellent light fastness. We are matching the colors as per the Pantone cards or your special requirements. If you are intersted, please kindly contact us.