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High Density Black & White Masterbatch

Sep 19, 2016

Product Detail

1. Application & Features
This series product have features such as high density, good dispersion, low coloration cost etc. It is suitable for PE, PP normal products' injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, film-blowing etc. It also is used for ABS, HIPS products' injection molding & coloration. But according to mixture rate size, it might have different influence on the products' mechanical intensity(different according to mixture rate size).

2. Main Technical Index
No. Item Technical Index
a. Outer appearance: Equal in size, color and lustre
b. Temperature-resistance: 200-240
c. Everbrightness: Level5-8

3. Reference Mixture Proportion
1~30% (By different requirements)

4. Usage
Mixture proportions as per stipulation, then evenly mixed with resin, with no need for dry-off.