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High Quality TiO2 White Masterbatch

Oct 10, 2016

Product Detail

What  is  Masterbatch ?
Masterbatch is a solid additive for plastic used for coloring plastics (Color Masterbatch) or imparting other properties to plastics (Additive Masterbatch). Masterbatch is a concentrated mixture of pigments and/or additives encapsulated during a heat process into a carrier resin which is then cooled and cut into a granular shape. Masterbatch allows the processor to color raw polymer economically during the plastics manufacturing process.

Product  Advantages
1. Great Compatibility and Fusion between Plastic Raw Material and Masterbatch, Color of Uniform Dispersion, No black spots/flow lines/marks/impurities show up under the sun light, High Flexibility, Micronization Particles, Smooth Surface, Beautiful and Glow Luster, Low Moisture Content, Low Rework Rate, Low Rejection Rate.
2. High Level Color Migration Resistance and Great Color/Light Fastness.
3. High Heat Resistance.
4. Excellent Color Dispersion and High Concentration.
5. Great Weather Fastness/Ability/Resistance and Nearly No Color/Material Dissolve out during long time.
6. Virgin Plastic as Carrier: Non-toxic and Environmental Friendly.
7. Melt more faster, Efficient in Extrusion and Injection.
8. Extremely High Efficiency: Add 2%~3% in injection/extrusion, 3%~4% in blow molding/film. (We got a Blow Film Machine, an ABA Extrusion Machine and an Injection Machine, to test whether our masterbatch will perfectly apply to the client's products or not.)
9. Processing Easily and Environmental Friendly, no more Ash or Dust problems.
10. Low Wastage, Beyond 97% Utilization Rate.
11. Perfectly Suitable for: PE/PP