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Holy Masterbatch Production Line Is Equipped With Advanced Robot Stacker

Sep 04, 2018

Holy masterbatch production line is equipped with advanced robot stacker

To satisfy the big demand of the maket for Holy masterbatch and filler masterbatch, we set the new machine the advanced robot stacker which highly improved the productivity. At present the annually capacity of Holy Masterbatch as the below:

  • Filler masterbatch: caco3 filler masterbatch including the PE caco3 filler masterbatch and the PP caco3 filler masterbatch 50,000tons. Sodium sulfate filler masterbatch/Transparent filler masterbatch 30, 000tons. 

  • Black masterbatch/black masterbatch for film blowing/for pipes/injection molding, 80,000tons.

  • Desiccant masterbatch/Defoaming masterbatch/moisture absorber/cao defoamer masterbatch, 60,000tons.

  • White masterbatch and all kinds of color masterbatch 20,000tons. 

  • The new workshop for 100% biodegradable caco3 filler masterbatch will be built sooner and will start the production in the end of the year 2018.

    Holy Masterbatch welcome your orders from all over the world. Welcome you visit our factory!