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How To Choose Plastic Filler Masterbatch

Mar 28, 2018

Masterbatch offers processors an easy and convenient way of adding colour and/or performance enhancing additives to natural or base polymers on their own plant. This technique delivers a compelling combination of cost savings and technical benefits including reduced stock holding of compounded material, reduction in cleaning costs, optimum dispersion and hence reliable colour and performance properties in the finished product

The filler masterbatch is based on a calcium carbonate filler compound. These compounds are widely used in the plastic masterbatch industry. These masterbatches are very useful for changing the plastic polymer properties of base plastics. These compounds are well formulated to improve the physical polymer properties in order to reduce the production cost of the product. They have good dispersion properties, they provide great environmental protection to improve toughness, surface abrasion resistance, rigidity, hardness, and they also improve the gravity of plastic products. Filler masterbatch is broad and most commonly used for wire drawing, blow molding, blown film, injection molding, extrusion molding, grouting and dyeing. They are the best alternatives to plastic materials, and they reduce production costs. You can choose transparent, calcium carbonate and nano plastic. Transparency is generally inorganic, which uses powder additives and polymer resins mixed together by refraction. It is used in medium and high-end polyolefin products, such as molding extrusion, wire and blown film.

Nano is a new and advanced method of using multilayer surface modification. Compared with ordinary masterbatch, it really promotes toughness, bending strength and ruggedness. It improves thermal stability, plastic flexibility and print quality.

The calcium carbonate masterbatch is made of high quality, small size calcium carbonate, and has a great whiteness and filler properties. They also reduce production costs and improve the quality of plastics. The masterbatch has anti-oxidation and strong aging, good compression and dispersion. It significantly reduces the shrinkage of the product. It is the best type of filler masterbatch.