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How To Use Defoaming Masterbatch

Oct 10, 2018

Defoaming masterbatch is a new type of functional masterbatch specially developed to solve the problem of blisters. Holy Masterbatch is one of the early starters in China that used the unique technology and formula production, which can be strongly absorbed the moisture of PE/PP and other plastics during the molding.  Its is widely used in the processing of recycled materials such as PP, PE, LDPE, HDPE, damp plastics and degradable plastics to ensure product quality and yield, improve the production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Such kind of defoaming masterbatch has high requirements both for the addition ratio and product storage. So let's talk about the safe usage of defoaming masterbatch.

Firstly, the method of adding the defoaming masterbatch is the same as the filler masterbatch. The addition of the defoaming masterbatch cannot be excessive. If it is addition is excessive, the product looks good still just finished, but after a time, the surface of the product will be foggy. For the general plastic, we recommened the customers to add 1% ~ 3%, until the product is no problem, then adjust the proportion of addition. In the case of the perfect of the product quality, the smaller for the defoaming masterbatch adding ratio is added the better. 

 In addition, in the use of defoaming masterbatch, we must pay attention to the effective use time of defoaming masterbatch. The best use period of defoaming masterbatch is within 4 hours after opening. Generally, there is no problem for the defoaming masterbatch is used up within 12 hours. Some items is made by customers speical requirments it could be used up within 24 hours. 

 Finally, the packaging and storage method of defoaming masterbatch, each box of defoaming masterbatch of Holy Masterbatch is composed of 5 small packages of vacuum, and the outer packaging is made of moisture-proof paper-plastic composite packaging, and plastic packaging bags are used inside. Store in a clean, ventilated, dry, sun-protected place.