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Nano ZnO Antimicrobial Functional Masterbatch

Nov 06, 2016

Nano ZnO Antimicrobial Functional Masterbatch

Basic Info:

Product Description

Product Name: Nano ZnO Antimicrobial Functional Masterbatch

Nano ZnO Antimicrobial Functional Masterbatch using the non-toxic, non-polluting nano ZnO as the active antibacterial ingredients

and PP as the carrier, through advanced dispersing and processing technology to get the excellent antibacterial and antifungal efficiency

PP masterbatch. The authority of the test result shows a strong antibacterial and excellent antifungal properties. Compared with silver

antimicrobial masterbatch, nano-ZnO antimicrobial PP masterbatch has the following advantages:

Lower cost.
Broad-spectrum, long-lasting antibacterial effect.
Do not change the original production process.
Do not change color, no odor during the process.

1. Dry the Nano ZnO Antimicrobial Functional Masterbatch at 80 centigrade for 3-5 hours before using.
2. Mix 4-6%(wt) antimicrobial masterbatch with color masterbatch, or adjust the additive based on the demand.
3. According to the original extrusion or injection molding process for molding.

1. Appliances: Refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers, televisions, cameras etc.
2. Chemical Building Materials: Plastic pipes, bathroom amenities, bathtub, toilet, public facilities, plastic floors etc.
3. Electronic products: Telephones, fax machines, cell phones, computers, mouse etc.
4. Healthcare: Hospital facilities, medical equipment, disposable gloves etc.
5. Commodity: Razors, calculators, toys, stationery, furniture, buckets, cups, etc...
6. Automotive industry: Door handles, instrument panel, steering wheel, glove boxes etc.
7. Packaging industry: Beverage bottles, water buckets, packaging films etc.