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New Factory Is Built In Guangxi To Lower The Price Of The Caco3 Filler MB

Jun 14, 2019

Why we built the new production lines in Guangxi Province?

Guangxi, China is are abound in caco3 ore or caco3 powder. We produce the caco3 filler MB in Shandong province, need take charge the cost for the transportation fee for the long distance from Guangxi to Shandong. That makes our caco3 filler is not so competitive for the price in the market. After the new production lines was built and started the production. We save the our cost $20 per ton. So now a time, We used our developed techinical of 10years experiences for filler MB and the local resources, we lower the price of our caco3 filler MB. This will help us to develop the market both home and aboard. 

If you have the inquiries for the caco3 filler Mb, welcome to give inquiry. We welcome the wholesalers from all over the world.