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Photoluminescent Color Masterbatch for PE, PP, PVC

Oct 13, 2016

Photoluminescent Color Masterbatch for PE, PP, PVC

Basic Info

1. Usage:Ink, Plastic, Paint, Textile, Paper, Leather, Photoelectric Communication, Ceramic, Cosmetic

2. Norms:100mesh~800mesh

3. Color:Yellow-Green, Blue-Green, Sky-Blue, Violet, White,

Product Description

Material: Photoluminescent, PP resin and different Additives etc
Glow Color range: Yellow-Green, Blue-Green, Sky-blue, etc.

1)After absorbing visible light for 10-30 minutes,  Photoluminescent color masterbatch will glow more than 8-12
Hours in the darkness.

2)The photoluminescent color masterbatch can be added to a variety of different materials, like PE, PP, PVC. It is therefore excellently suited for the

manufacture of photoluminescent plastic products, such as moulded parts, door handles, handrails, light switchs,

emergency-off fittings, safety helmets and many more.