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Plastic Additive Masterbatch for Stretch Film

Oct 18, 2016

Plastic Additive Masterbatch for Stretch Film

Basic Info:

1. Kind: Cling Agent

2. Appearance: Granulars

3. Function: Increase Stickiness & Adhesion

4. Nature Property: Functional Masterbatch

5. Color: Milk White

Product Description:

As is a cling masterbatch for PE films, which contains polybutylene cling agent.
It is mainly applied to stretching wrap film for pallets, pasture packing film for agriculture, and adhesive film for household.
It is the best cling masterbatch for strengthening the adhesion of PE films.

Plastic Additive Masterbatch Usage:
There is adhesion between the pellets, so it is only suitable to add the material by humans. When blending with PE to extrude the film, the Polybutylene cling agent will migrate to the film's surface gradually to make the surface of film with adhesion effect.
The dosage had to be adjusted according to the change of climate temperature. The suggestion ratio is 3% to 5% when the temperature is higher than 186C, and 4% to 8% for the temperature is lower than 186C.