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Plastic Water Absorbent Masterbatch

Oct 15, 2016

Plastic Water Absorbent Masterbatch

Basic Info:

1. Shape: Pellet

2. Drying Method: Chemical Reaction

3. Kind: Desiccant Masterbatch

4. Sorbent: Cao

5. Desiccant: Chemical Desiccant

6. Carrier: PP/PE

7. Powder Size: 1000 Mesh

8. Color: White or Grey

9. Moisture Absorb Capacity: 25% of Its Weight

10. Time to Keep in Mixture: 12~48 hrs

11. Mfi:5-15g/10min

12. Effective Ingredients:Over Than 50%

Product Description:

Plastic Water Absorbent Masterbatch takes inorganic functional material compound with plastic carrier as its raw material and produced by new high technologies. It has good dispersion, no mesh jam and strong stability features. Compared with the other same desiccant masterbatch in the market, the price is much more competitive.

It's widely used for recycled LLDPE,LDPE,HDPE,PP plastic products, on the premise of maintain the original processing progress, to add a little amount of  this kind of plastic water absorbent masterbatch can solve the moisture problem of recycled raw material and avoid drying time to save processing costs of plastics production so as to achieve a kind of superior performance environmental friendly material.