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PP Desiccant Masterbatch

Sep 09, 2016

PP Desiccant Masterbatch
Product Features:

Desiccant Masterbatch also called water absorption masterbatch/antifoaming masterbatch which widely used in Recycled PE/PP raw materials recycled plastic. The raw material contain moisture has a very serious impact for plastic manufacture, so companies usually dry the plastic with drying equipment, which is a great waste of energy and manpower and increase the cost of the product. The bubble, more fringe, crack, stain, ect problems will be solved by adding efficient anti-foam masterbatch without any other adjustment of the process.

Application Method:

Production process can be achieved by maxing this masterbatch with damp plastic materials symmetrical.1.0%--3.0% is the advised amount in blow molding.2.0%--5.0% is the advised amount in sheet and injection molding. Customers decide the amount according to the condition of plastic dampness.

Products are widely used in film blowing, blow molding, injection molding, sheet etc..


1.Avoid be affect by damp before usage;
2.It is better being used as burdening;
3.In order to avoid processing bed goods, it cannot be heating and drying with damp plastic;
4.Check the package is good or not before open it, heat-seal the leftover masterbatch as soon as possible.


Vacuum package,2.5KG or 5 KG of each.