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PVC Masterbatch/White Masterbatch/Plastic Masterbatch

Oct 21, 2016

PVC Masterbatch/White Masterbatch/Plastic Masterbatch

PVC masterbatch/white masterbatch/plastic masterbatch
1. Non-toxic, non-radioactive and eco-friendly.
2. High density and chroma
3. Good color stability and compatibility
4. Smooth surface and even granules
5. Quick color change
6. Stabilize the performance of the dyed materials
7. Less substandard products during production


1. This product will be directly mixed with the plastic raw materials uniformly, which will be used to carry out processing without baking the raw materials;
2. Adding amount is within 1% - 8%, 3% is the generally recommended dosage, which is adjustable according to moisture content of the raw materials.
3. Since the it have a good plasticizing performance and mobile performance, processing temperature can be reduced by 5 % -10 %.
4. The following three steps will be passed when processing: [batching] - [pre-mixing] - [forming]
5. Batching: In accordance with the requirements of plastic parts, choose the batching ratio.
6. Pre-mixing: Adding the weighed materials and suitable amount of colorants or master-batch into the mixer, to carry out the simple pre-mixing.
7. Forming: Loading the well pre-mixed materials into the plastic jetting-molding machine or the hopper of the extruder, execute injection molding or extrusion.


1) PE, PP, common black/white masterbatches: Suitable for package, injection molding, extruded pipe, and ABS/HIPS sheet materials.

2) PP, PE, color master batches: Suitable for package, injection molding, extruded pipe, bottle blowing, sheet materials, stationery, household products, etc.
3) HIPS, GPPS: Suitable for plastic uptake, compression molding, decorative sheet/tile, and computercasing, beverage cover, chocolate box, etc.
4) PC/ABS alloy: Suitable for electrical appliance, telephone casing, printer casing, various small-sized switch, etc.
5) PET: Suitable for bottle blowing, sheet material package, etc.
6) PA: Suitable for electrical appliance switch, small gear, etc.
7) PC: Suitable for barrel blowing, electrical appliance, etc.