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Softening Masterbatches for PP film

Oct 20, 2016

Softening Masterbatches for PP film

Basic Info:

a. Classification: Chemical Additives

b. Appearance: Granule

c. Color: White

Product Description:

Softening Masterbatches increase the softening property of PP fibers and PP films. They also decrease brittleness at low temparatures. The additives change the crystal morphology and molecular orientation during the PP polymer forming process by winding the PP molecular chains to realize softening property.

Softening Masterbatches Features:
1. Good compatibility with polymers. No change to the original color.
2. Easy to use and good dispersibility obtained only by blending directly with polymers before spinning.
3. Excellent softening effect at the suggested addition proportion of the masterbatches.
4. Easy adjusted performance by varying the addition proportion in the masterbatch.
5. No special requirement for the production machine, only needs minor adjustments (mainly the temperature) for the process parameters before use.
6. Excellent durability at low temperature for PP products.