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The Advantages For CaCO3 PP Filler Masterbatch From Holy Masterbatch

Nov 10, 2018

What is the CaCO3 pp filler masterbatch?

CaCO3 pp filler masterbatch is made by the pp as the resin and caco3 powder and other addtives. CaCO3 pp filler masterbatch from Holy masterbatch is special developed to satisfy the increasing need of the market by the nonwoven fabrics manufacturers, pp woven bags manufacturers and also the PP wiredrawing hollow filler masterbatch for the pp wiredrawing. 

The applications for CaCO3 pp filler masterbatch  

1.CaCO3 PP filler masterbatch for nonwoven fabrics manufacturers

2.CaCO3 filler masterbatch for plastic pp woven bags

3.CaCO3 pp filler masterbatch for pp plastics injection molding

The details include injection molding, pipe, film,blowing, blow molding, sheet, plate, pearl cotton, wire drawing, non-woven fabrics.

The Advantages for CaCO3 PP filler masterbatch from Holy Masterbatch

1. Using the high quality of Caco3 powder and pp resin

2. High adding ratio from 5-50%

3. innocuous, environmental, strong coloring capacity, steady founction and good dispersiveness