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The Applications For The The Plastic Filler Masterbatch?

Oct 26, 2018

The applications for the the plastic filler masterbatch?

For some people, filler masterbatch is very strange, and donnot know what to do, where it can be applied. We can solve these problems. The following is the solution from Holy Masterbatch. Let everyone know the scope of the filling masterbatch application.

CaCO3 PP masterbatch

At present, the using of the filler masterbatch is mainly used in resins such as polyethylene, PC, polypropylene, nylon, PMMA, polystyrene, PET, etc. to produce colorful fibers, garments, household plastics and wires. The functional products such as cables, household appliances, agricultural films, auto parts, health care equipment, etc. The functional masterbatch is kind of masterbatch that has the same function of the common color masterbatch and also have other functions such as weathering, antistatic, flame retardant, foaming, and more.

The filler masterbatch is produced by the surface treatment of the coloring agent and the surfactant of the general color masterbatch, followed by kneading, masticating, pulverizing, and granulating with a functional auxiliary agent and a dispersing aid. Filling masterbatch is one of the trends in the process of color masterbatch industry. Using color masterbatch or filler masterbatch to produce plastic products make the colorant has good dispersibility, bright color, colorless or chromatic aberration on the surface of the product, convenient color exchange, low cost, environmental friendly. Filler masterbatch is a good application prospects for Plastic coloring method.

There are many aspects to the development of filling masterbatch, and the combination of many different applications will keep our production going.

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