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The Specific Functions And Characteristics Of Na2SO4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch

Jul 04, 2017

The specific functions and characteristics of Na2SO4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch

Na2SO4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch the specific function and use of the characteristics of a good interpretation of the product, a lot of people are at the characteristics of Na2SO4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch to use, so the characteristics of the concrete or to look at.

Na2SO4 transparent packing mother granule has better performance in the production of plastic products, including some features that can provide better sales for the products. Of course, the application scope and characteristics of functional parent materials need to be understood.

Na2SO4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch compared to ordinary Na2SO4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch, the biggest characteristic is added to the PP, PE, little influence to the transparent, can be widely used in film, sheet, pipe, container, etc. If used in PE films, the appropriate amount of addition can improve the transparency of HDPE film, which has little impact on the transparency of LDPE film. It also has good surface finish and balance of mechanical properties. These are unmatched by the existing normal Na2SO4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch. It can be predicted that the emergence of this Na2SO4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch will have a great impact on the plastic filling and its downstream application fields.

Product features:

(1) the transparency is good, and the addition of 30 light transmittance is still above 90%

(2) the mechanical property loss is small, and the main mechanical properties of raw materials can be maintained

(3) the original equipment and technological conditions need not be changed

(4) can reduce product cost by 5-10% or more (depending on the amount of added quantity)


It can be processed and produced by mixing the raw material directly with the plastic material. General recommendation is 5 % ~ 30 %, also can choose appropriate proportion to add according to specific requirement.

Storage conditions:

Keep in neat and ventilated, dry, cool and clean place. It is not allowed to pack damaged and open storage, avoid sun exposure and rain.

The above is the introduction to the use of Na2SO4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch. I believe that you can get a better understanding of Na2SO4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch.

 The various characteristics of Na2SO4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch should be better understood in detail, and Na2SO4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch should be introduced. Here is what I want to introduce to you.

Na2SO4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch is a kind of functional masterbatch, with the advantage of which there are a lot of, need to introduce little by little, and today is to introduce the main problem, the advantage of Na2SO4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch and use requirement to introduce below.

1. Na2SO4 transparent heat resistant properties of filler masterbatch, general heat temperature requirements for more than 270 ~ 280 ℃.

2. The dispersity of the color masterbatch is good for dispersion, and it should be distributed evenly in the color masterbatch.

Light brightness, polypropylene dye is used for a variety of purposes, including for bed cover and knitted fabric, for bright hues. Because the organic pigment is bright and bright and easy to color, organic pigments are used for the above purposes.