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The Specific Use Of Filler Masterbatch

Jun 19, 2017

The specific use of Filler Masterbatch

(1) porcelain ball: for a variety of packing masterbatch tower from the cover, support, filtration and catalyst carrier role; air separation plant thermal packing masterbatch; high wear-resistant grinding media. Porcelain ball, including: inert ceramic ball, perforated porcelain ball, microporous ceramic ball, active ceramic ball, heat storage ceramic ball, grinding ceramic ball.

(2) Filler Masterbatch: for the refining, metallurgy, gas, oxygen and other industries drying tower, absorption tower, cooling tower, washing tower, regeneration tower from the support, cover, filter, Filler Masterbatch is divided into Ceramic, plastic, metal material spread and regular packing masterbatch.

(3) ceramic filler Masterbatch: excellent acid and heat resistance, in addition to hydrofluoric acid in addition to a variety of inorganic acids, organic acids and organic solvents corrosion, can be used in a variety of high and low temperature applications, a wide range of applications The Ceramic packing masterbatch can be used in chemical, metallurgical, gas, oxygen and other industries drying tower, absorption tower, cooling tower, washing tower, distillation tower, atmospheric tower, synthesis tower, catalytic tower, regeneration tower. Ceramic packing masterbatch is divided into ceramic loose packing masterbatch (Laxi ring, Pall ring, ladder ring, cross ring, saddle ring, different saddle ring, conjugate ring, Haier ring, garland, multi-faceted hollow ball, covered ball , Three Y ring, chain, flat ring, etc.) and ceramic corrugated regular packing masterbatch.

(4) plastic filler masterbatch with light weight, heat resistance, chemical resistance and other characteristics, including PP, PE, RPP, PVC, CPVC, PVDF and other materials made of tower packing masterbatch, plastic filler masterbatch with large porosity , Pressure drop and mass transfer unit height is low, high point, high vapor and liquid contact, high mass transfer efficiency. In a variety of media in the use of the temperature of 60-280 ℃, plastic filler masterbatch is widely used in petroleum, chemical, chlor-alkali, gas, environmental protection industry in the filler base. Plastic packing masterbatch is divided into plastic bulk packing masterbatch (multi-faceted hollow ball, garland, Haier ring, ladder ring, Pall ring, saddle ring, different saddle ring, conjugate ring, flat ring, Laxi ring, , Hexagonal ring, rotating ring, pentagonal ring, tapered ring, mesh ring, cross ring ring, float, liquid cover ball, diamond cover ball, etc.) and plastic structured packing masterbatch.

(5) metal filler masterbatch to carbon steel, stainless steel and combination of gold and other materials made of tower packing masterbatch. Metal filler masterbatch has the advantages of thin wall, cold and heat resistance, large porosity, large flux, low pressure, little resistance, good separation effect and long life. Although the one-time investment is slightly larger, it can give full play to the potential The Metal filler masterbatch for vacuum distillation tower, dealing with allergies, easy to break down, easy to close, easy to carbon material. Metal filler masterbatch is widely used in petrochemical, fertilizer, chemical, environmental and other industries in the filler base. Metal filler Masterbatch is divided into metal powder packing Masterbatch (Pall ring, saddle ring, ladder ring, conjugate ring, eight four inner ring, flat ring, etc.) and metal structured packing masterbatch (metal mesh corrugated packing Masterbatch, metal orifice corrugated packing masterbatch, calendered piercing plate corrugated packing masterbatch, metal mesh corrugated packing masterbatch, HT semi-tube structured packing masterbatch)