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The Use Of Black Masterbatch

Jun 13, 2017

Black masterbatch is made of carbon black, carrier and additives injection molding process, such as the production of color masterbatch material, is one of the many kinds of color masterbirth, its quality depends on the dispersion, coverage, rheology, compatibility , Stability, Black Masterbatch color brightness and other factors.

1, black masterbatch heat-resistant PVC, PE pigment temperature 160-180 degrees Celsius; ABS, PS pigment temperature 250-280 degrees Celsius PP, PA, PET pigment temperature 280 degrees above the general requirements of the pigments heat time For 4-10 minutes, usually the higher the temperature, the shorter the heat resistance time. Black Masterbatch Phthalocyanine blue pigment temperature 325 degrees Celsius, 10 minutes discoloration.

2, black masterbatch appearance: 2.2 * 2.8 cylindrical black body.

3, black masterbatch usage: and raw materials can only be mixed with the production.

4, black masterbatch dosage: the recommended dosage of 1% -3% (depending on product requirements)

5, the technical parameters: the cumulative proportion of 25 "C 950kg / m3

6, melting point: 130-350 ℃

7, dissolved finger: 30g / 10min

8, moisture: 0.001%

9, Packing: 25kg / bag, polyethylene black self-styled pocket or paper-plastic compound bag

10, black masterbatch storage: stored in a cool dry place. Avoid sun, rain

Black masterbatch with carbon black in accordance with international classification, China has more than 30 varieties. Mainly divided into rubber and non-rubber with two categories. In the rubber carbon black is mainly wear-resistant carbon black, can effectively improve the wear resistance of rubber tires; Black Masterbatch in non-rubber with carbon black, really can be used as black masterbatch carbon black only a few.

The most widely used carbon black in the tank is mainly due to its rich source, high purity and small particle size. Among them, it is divided into high pigment carbon black (particle size 9-17mm), medium pigment carbon black (particle size 18-25mm) and low pigment carbon black (particle size 26-37mm). Due to different varieties of carbon black, Black Masterbatch the price difference is very large.

Black masterbatch because of its own with more lively, rarely with the presence of native particles, almost all of the range of particles in the presence of particles