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Toughness Filler Masterbatch

Nov 12, 2016

Toughness Filler Masterbatch

Basic Info:

Product Description:

Toughness Filler Masterbatch
NO. 1 Product Description:
Toughness filler masterbatch is a composition of carrier polyethylene and inorganic powder by using the elastomer toughening technology. It is a specialized functional masterbatch in extrusion and injection molding of PE, PP and PS.
Compared with general masterbatch, Toughness filler masterbatch have better toughness, better dispersibility and a higher add in ratio. It can enhance product strength. For lower price, they are widely used in sheets, pipes and injection.
NO. 3 Usage
You carry out the process after you mix the masterbatch with plastic raw material evenly. The best addition rate ranges from 10% to 20%. And you can change the addition rate according to your need.
NO. 4 Package and Storage
Packed with paper-plastic packing bag, 25kg each. Lined with plastic film
Suggestion storing in a dry, clean, ventilated house and storage period for 12 months
Toughness Filler Masterbatch
Composition 2000mesh active CaCO3(80%),
15% PE and elastomer
5% PE wax and other additives
Color White granule
Density 1.7 g/cm3
Melt index 2.0 g/10min
Feature Improveheat resistance , reduce shrinkage, increase hardness and reduce cost
Application Used insheets, pipes and injection,PP Non-woven fabric