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Transparent Master Batch

Sep 24, 2016

Product Detail

Can be used for Thermal polyolefin, Biodegradable plastics, Dishware, Panel, Sheets, Tubes, Profile, Extrusion, Injection molding, Calendaring, etc...

We can provide customized products according to client requirement, such as economize the production cost. The following information and index can be changed upon request. Because the use condition is not under control, so our technical data and suggestion is only for your reference. Optimal addition rate has to be confirmed by trials.

Very small losing in mechanical properties, can keep mechanical properties
Don't need to change the equipment and processing technique
Can decrease produce cost obviously, 5-10% even more. ( The actual value needto be calculated according to dosage)

Using Structure:
Put the PE MasterBatch and plastic material mix thoroughly to produce. The processing temperature is suitable among 150-210, Usually not exceed 240. Recommended addition rate: 10%-35%.