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Use Filler And Use

Jul 05, 2016

Fillers and additives can be added to plastic products special features, such as: light, electricity, fire-retardant, degradation, known as functional filler. Filler usually consists of color masterbatch, light conversion material, efficient insulation film material, antifogging compound and masterbatch for degradation, etc.
Filler ratio in some products:
Blown PE (film, mulching film co-extruded films, commercial films)--8%~10%
Disposable lunch boxes, milk, yogurt, packaged with PP--30~620%
Cast coating, food packaging, garbage bags, woven bag, shopping bag – 20~50%
Plastic extrusion molding, blow moulding LDPE--10~40%
Machine/hand strap, self-adhesive coating, paper coating, injection molding LDPE--10~40%
Foam sheet, foam PP--20-30%, PE--15~30%
Hollow blow molded products, oil drums, plastic drums, plastic bottle of HDPE--10~40%, PP--20~40%
Plastic plates, plastic pots, switch boxes, plastic toys, cosmetics box HDPE 10~30%, PP----20~30%
Plastic shower curtains, plastic pipe, sheet, table PS---15~30% gasket material, ABS----10~25%