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White Masterbatch for Plastic Film

Oct 07, 2016

Product Detail

Color white masterbatch is a 60% Concentrate masterbatch carried in PE, suitable for many applications including injection moulding, blow moulding, film extrusion, etc.
It is easy to disperse and has good heat resistance. Can be made to composite blow film, and has good print capability, which can be printed various beautiful designs on the target items.

White masterbatch suitable for ABS, HIPS, AS, PS, LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP, PE etc
1. White masterbatch are available in superior film production that is fine printing package film material, layers co-extrusion blown film, liquid packing film, protective film etc, high degree of dispersion titanium pigment can improve the microscopic smoothness of film surface and the brightness, so to help improve the fine printing design definition, layering and brightness.

2. White masterbatch do not include Zinc Stearate low-grade lubricant. This can avoid the blow/cast machine dies "coked", extending the dies clean-up cycle, improving the client economic benefits. Meanwhile, avoid the film surface "growing whiting" because of the exudative Zinc Stearate. And can avoid polluting the printing, lamination machines, to prevent the printing or lamination getting defect in the film surface because of the exudative Zinc Stearate

Color white masterbatch Advantages:
1. Ultra-fine pigment of high concentration with bright colors.
2. Good dispersity, stable performance.
3. Be well compatible with other raw materials, no caking, no stick.
4. No Heavy Metal, safe and environmental, SGS testing (RoHS).
5. Accurately match any color according to your needs.
6. High quality brings customers low wastage and cost.

Color white masterbatch Package, Transportations and Storage:
1) PP woven bag, 25kg / bag.
2) Transportations according to non-dangerous goods. Note to avoid moisture, insolation and breakage.
3) Make sure products which are opened be carefully resealed.