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White Masterbatch Specific Function And Use Characteristics

Sep 06, 2017

White Masterbatch specific function and use characteristics
White Masterbatch specific functions and the use of a very good interpretation of this product, many people are directed at White Masterbatch this feature to use, so the specific characteristics or to understand what.
White Masterbatch in the manufacture of products can be a good plastic products have better performance, including some of the features are very good for the product to provide better sales. Of course, the scope and characteristics of functional masterbatch is also need to know about it.
White Masterbatch ordinary White Masterbatch compared to the biggest feature is added to the PP, PE, its transparency is small, can be widely used in film, sheet, pipe, container and other fields. As used in PE films, the proper addition can improve the transparency of HDPE films and have little effect on the transparency of LDPE films. While having good surface finish and balanced mechanical properties. These are the existing ordinary White Masterbatch can not match. It can be predicted that the emergence of this White Masterbatch will have a greater impact on the application of plastic fill and its downstream applications.
(1) good transparency, the amount of 30 copies of light transmission rate is still up to 90%
(2) the loss of mechanical properties is very small, basically able to maintain the main mechanical properties of raw materials
(3) no need to change the original equipment, process conditions
(4) can reduce the product cost 5-10% or more (depending on the specific amount to be calculated)
The masterbatch and plastic raw materials directly mixed evenly, you can process production. Generally recommended to add the amount of 5% to 30%, can also be selected according to the specific requirements of the appropriate proportion of added.
Storage conditions:
In clean and ventilated, dry, cool, clean place to save. Do not allow the mother grain packaging damage and open storage, to avoid sun exposure, rain.
Above is on the White Masterbatch in the use of the characteristics of the introduction, I believe you can better understand the White Masterbatch.
White Masterbatch in the choice of time there will be some need to pay attention to the problem, these problems, usually we will ignore the problem, for these issues, White Masterbatch manufacturers for the sake of everyone, to give you some knowledge, I hope you can Draw on this knowledge.
White Masterbatch is also commonly used as a functional dyeing with the masterbatch, the same choice and other masterbatch is not the same, specifically reflected in what place? The following questions on these issues for everyone to introduce.
Different White Masterbatch, the choice of paint, the performance is different, the following were introduced under the White Masterbatch how to choose the pigment:
Heat-resistant White Masterbatch used in the pigment, the most basic requirements of the polypropylene fiber production process can withstand the temperature, to maintain its performance stability. Temperature temperature is generally required for more than 270 ~ 280 ℃.
Dispersible White Masterbatch pigment should be excellent in dispersibility, and in the White Masterbatch to be dispersed evenly, and the use of dispersant will not reduce the quality of polypropylene fiber, otherwise it can not produce good quality liquid stained liquid, Unstable, easy to break in the draft fiber or produce abnormal fibers.
Brightness Polypropylene liquid coloring has a variety of uses, which are used for bedspreads and knitted fabrics, require bright colors. Because organic pigments are bright and bright, and easy to color, so that the use of organic pigments used for the above purposes.
Light resistance in the light under the action of some pigments have photosensitive effect, so that the coloring fiber fade and fragile, and the light resistance of the pigment is basically related to its chemical structure, so in the production of White Masterbatch should pay full attention to the light resistance of light, light When the pigment needs to be used, it is conceivable to add an ultraviolet absorber.
Stability of White Masterbatch used in the pigment, the coloring of polypropylene fiber to have excellent stability.That color fiber polymer after a long period of contact with heat, light or high temperature when the pigment does not react with the fiber to form a new chemical The composition makes the polymer low.
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