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White Masterbatch Uses Six Major Problems To Solve Product Quality

Sep 28, 2017

1. Eliminate the impact of injection molding machine and mold factors
To choose the equivalent of the main injection molding machine injection molding machine, if the injection molding machine material * angle and other issues, it is best to replace the equipment. For the mold pouring system, exhaust groove and other color caused by the corresponding part of the mold can be repaired to solve. Must first solve the injection molding machine and mold problems can be organized to reduce the complexity of the problem.
2. Eliminate the effects of raw resin, White Masterbatch
Control of raw materials is the key to completely solve the color. Therefore, in particular, the production of light-colored products, can not ignore the thermal stability of raw materials, different products on the color fluctuations caused by the obvious impact. In view of the fact that most injection molding manufacturers themselves do not produce plastic White Masterbatch or White Masterbatch, this will focus on production management and raw material inspection. That is, to strengthen the inspection of raw materials storage; production of the same product as much as possible with the same manufacturers, the same brand White Masterbatch, White Masterbatch production; for White Masterbatch, we in the mass production before sampling test, both with the last proofreading, but also In this comparison, if the color difference is not large, can be considered qualified, as the batch White Masterbatch has a slight color, White Masterbatch can be re-mixed and then used to reduce the White Masterbatch itself caused by uneven mixing. At the same time, we need to focus on testing raw material resin, White Masterbatch thermal stability, poor thermal stability, we recommend the manufacturers to exchange.
3. Eliminate the effects of White Masterbatch mixed with White Masterbatch
Plastic White Masterbatch mixed with White Masterbatch will also make the product color is volatile. White Masterbatch and White Masterbatch mechanical mixing evenly, through the suction material into the hopper, due to electrostatic effects, White Masterbatch with White Masterbatch separation, easy to adsorb in the hopper wall, which is bound to cause the injection cycle in the White Masterbatch amount of change, thus Produce color difference. Such a situation can be taken after the raw material inhalation hopper and then artificial mixing method to solve. Many companies now use the feeder to join the White Masterbatch, which saves a lot of manpower, and for the color control to provide a great help, but many companies due to improper use, the results are often difficult to satisfactory. The speed at which the feeder is added to the White Masterbatch at fixed speed depends on the plasticizing time, and the plasticizing time itself is fluctuating, sometimes fluctuating or even relatively large. Therefore, to ensure a constant amount of feed, the feeder time must be fixed , And the setting time is less than the minimum plasticizing time. In the use of the feeder should pay attention to, because the feeder exports smaller, the use of a period of time, may be due to the feed machine screw accumulated raw material particles caused by cutting, and even cause the feeder to stop, so Need to be cleaned regularly.
4. Reduce the impact of cylinder temperature on color
Production often encountered due to a heating ring damage failure or heating control part of the loss of long-term combustion caused by dramatic changes in the temperature of the barrel to produce color. The color difference caused by this type of reason is easy to determine, the general failure of the heating ring damage caused by chromatic aberration at the same time will be accompanied by the phenomenon of uneven plasticization, and heating control part of the loss of burning often accompanied by product gas spots, severe discoloration or even coking phenomenon. Therefore, the production must always check the heating part of the heating part of the damage or out of control when the timely replacement of maintenance, to reduce the chances of such color.
5. Master the temperature of the barrel, White Masterbatch amount of the product color changes
Before the adjustment of the color difference must also be aware of the product color with temperature, White Masterbatch volume changes in the trend. Different White Masterbatch with the production of temperature or White Masterbatch the amount of change, the product color change is different. Can be determined by the color process to change the law. It is not possible to adjust the color difference quickly, unless the color of the White Masterbatch is known, especially when using the new White Masterbatch.