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White Plastic Masterbatch for PC Color

Oct 28, 2016
White Plastic Masterbatch for PC Color

Product Description:

1. Usage: Engineering Plastics

2. Plastic Forming Method: Injection

3. Material: Polycarbonates/PC

4. Plastic Properties After Heated: Thermoplastic Plastics

5. Color: White

White Plastic Masterbatch Advantages:
1. High performance thermoplastic engineering plastics
2. Outstanding impact resistance,
3. Creep resistance
4. Good dimensional stability,
5. Heat resistance,
6. Low water absorption,
7. Non-toxic,
8. Good dielectric properties.

White Plastic Masterbatch Specification:
A. mechanical properties, high strength, fatigue resistance, dimension stability, creep is small (under high temperature is also very few changes);
B. heat aging: the enhanced UL temperature index of 120 ~ 120 C (outdoor aging is also very good for a long time);
C. solvent resistance, no stress cracking;
D. to the water stability, high temperature easy to decompose under the influence of water (use under high temperature and high humidity environment need to be careful);
E. electrical properties: good insulation performance (damp, high temperature can maintain stable performance, is an ideal material to manufacture electrical and electronic parts);
F. molding processability, injection molding, extrusion or general equipment.