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Will The Filler Masterbatch Affect The Gloss Of The Plastic Product?

Oct 17, 2017

Will the Filler Masterbatch affect the gloss of the plastic product?
Recently, customers say that they use the Filler Masterbatch after injection molding products have an impact, then how to solve it?
The first question: he used the Filler Masterbatch, the plastic products are not in accordance with their own requirements with the Filler Masterbatch, because we all know that the Filler Masterbatch is not only a generic, packing masterbatch carrier type very More, do not have to test can be used to guess the use of Filler Masterbatch will not only affect the gloss of plastic products, and even performance have been reduced, so it is here to remind you in the procurement of masterbatch before packing, to their own plastic products to understand , And then go with the Filler Masterbatch.
The second question: may be the existence of raw materials, or the manufacturer is the use of renewable materials, low quality, the results of finished products after processing results will certainly be reduced, or the use of its filler carrier and Different types of raw materials resin, Filler Masterbatch manufacturers compatibility, dispersion, fail to meet the requirements, of course, after molding products will be reduced gloss, and even lead to plastic products from the skin.
Plastic bags are modern people often come into contact with the daily life of plastic products, these colorful plastic bags are used to color it? Tell you that the Filler Masterbatch in the plastic bag color plays a huge role, then the Filler Masterbatch in the production of plastic bags from what role? You want to know:
1, good dispersion, Filler Masterbatch can be completely dispersed in the development of temperature to the resin.
2, good compatibility, Filler Masterbatch can be compatible with plastic bag resin, but also help improve the performance of the resin.
3, strong coloring, Filler Masterbatch can not affect the plastic bag products in the case of the completion of a variety of color rendering, completely penetrate the color into the resin, help to improve the color of plastic bags.
4, stability, effectively improve the plastic bag color preservation time, packing masterbatch manufacturers do not fade.
5, the Filler Masterbatch with environmental certification, high-grade plastic bags are used to wrap edible food, then its main requirements are: food-grade environmental protection, in the production of high-grade plastic bags before the formula of other raw materials is also required through the food grade Environmental certification of raw materials, and food-grade environmental certification Filler Masterbatch can be non-toxic harmless.
Filler Masterbatch is a high concentration of carbon black polyethylene resin as the carrier, made by high temperature mixing. Adaptable, easy to disperse, apply to most of the resin. The Filler Masterbatch is produced using carbon black. Environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, smoke-free, smooth and shiny surface color and solid color stability, will not appear color and color temperature and so on, both to reduce costs, save additives, but also reduce plant site pollution.
Filler Masterbatch is usually applied to cast film, blown film, rolling film and pipe, injection molding, tabletting and other processing technology. (PET, PBT, PC, PA, ABS, PS, POM, etc.) for polyolefins (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, TPE, EVA, PP, PVC, etc.). The Filler Masterbatch is one of the most valuable plastic functional masterbatches. It is suitable for the coloring needs of various polymers, while also requiring good compatibility, dispersibility and stability, as well as excellent processability.
Packing masterbatch production enterprises and more, but most of the small-scale production enterprises, backward production technology, affecting the overall development of the industry strength. In order to meet the increasingly severe competitive situation, the domestic Filler Masterbatch enterprises should speed up the structural adjustment, the formation of large-scale enterprise masterbatch packing materials, and strengthen the competitiveness of the device to scale, serialize and improve the overall strength of the Filler Masterbatch industry With the level. To solve the current filler material product structure is single, the proportion of high-performance products is too low, high concentration, multi-functional products rarely, pigments, dispersants and other raw materials supply problems.